For many elderly and informed individuals, a medical alert system (also known as a “personal emergency response system” or “PERS”) can be a legitimate lifeline if an emergency occurs. Doctors, hospitals and professional caregivers typically recommend medical alert systems to reduce the risks of independent living, and countless users and their families can attest to the effectiveness of medical alert monitoring.

If you or a loved one may benefit from owning a medical alert system, Sentry Security Systems can furnish you with a PERS that addresses the specific needs involved, including video monitoring of your loved ones.

What We Do…

Sentry Security Systems offers a line of medical alert systems with customizable features, including desk mounted units with cords or wearable help buttons. You can choose from systems that are better suited for users confined to a bed (similar to those found in nursing facilities), or those with a long range capacity so users can wear their pendant while walking freely around the home, working outside or relaxing on the patio. The unit can stand alone as a medical alert device, or it can be an enhancement that we integrate into your existing alarm system.

Not sure if you want to call an ambulance when you push the button? Normally, our policy is to dispatch an ambulance or fire department first; however, our customizable plans allow you to discuss other options for contact procedures when you become a customer. As our customer, you have the right to request the medical alert system plan you are most comfortable with.

To ask about your medical alert system options, contact Sentry Security Systems today. We will be glad to discuss our effective, easy-to-use systems with you and your family.

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