Installing an intrusion detection system is only a first step toward protecting your home against dangerous intruders. For optimal protection, your home alarm system must be monitored by a central station monitoring facility. The central station is a place where trained security dispatchers watch for alarm activations and respond to them the moment they are triggered. With alarm monitoring, electronic security professionals are literally standing by to summon police and fire departments on your behalf.

Home alarm monitoring saves you valuable time by notifying the authorities and getting them sent to the proper address quickly. All you need to do is answer the call when we contact you. Many times, police departments give priority response to a monitored alarm because it demonstrates the high probability of a true emergency.

Why choose our monitoring services?

At Sentry Security Systems, the central station that monitors your home alarm system is Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) Certified. This UL Certify ensures that the facility has undergone the safety testing and certification necessary to provide quality electronic security system monitoring services. Homeowners should only trust a company that utilizes a UL Certified central station. Our facility is also a 5 Diamond Certified Central Station, a distinction that is only granted to a handful of monitoring centers throughout the United States.

Additionally, our central station is locally based in the same community in which you live. If your alarm is triggered, the person who contacts you is a local dispatcher right here in Kansas City – not in an undisclosed location, or in a city hundreds of miles away. National alarm companies can’t offer you the same peace of mind that comes with knowing your alarm is being watched over by people who are, in effect, your neighbors.

To inquire about home alarm monitoring services, contact Sentry Security Systems today. We will be happy to discuss your options during a free home electronic security analysis.

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