Residential GSM & Cellular Backup

These days, people are abandoning their land line phones at a rapid rate in favor of their mobile phones. It’s also important to note that the use of analog phone lines will no longer be available after 2014, when companies like AT&T are expected to implement what has come to be known as the Sunset Clause.

With that in mind, it makes sense to inquire about electronic security solutions that are wireless, just like the other technology in your life. The global system for mobile communications (GSM), also known as cellular backup, is wireless technology that is taking the security industry by storm. Homeowners are relieved to have an option that gives them access to alarm monitoring without the need for a traditional phone line. With GSM, you can cross “alarm services” off your list of reasons to keep your land line.

If you wish to maintain a land line phone, that’s fine; you can still benefit from a GSM security system. Many users appreciate that if their phone lines are cut by an intruder or a power outage occurs, GSM allows them to experience uninterrupted electronic security coverage.

To learn more about GSM and cellular backup for your alarm system, contact Sentry Security Systems today. We will be glad to discuss your options during a free  electronic security analysis.