Fire Alarms and Fire Alarm Monitoring for Your Business

Your business deserves the most dependable fire protection available; that’s why Sentry Security Systems relies on fire alarm systems from Honeywell, which is one of the most feature-rich systems in the industry.

No matter your fire system needs, we have relationships with the local authorities in the Kansas City metro area and can communicate with them regarding their requirements for your system. Then, we can design, engineer and certify your system to satisfy their criteria. We can also design and handle all submittal engineered stamp drawings to meet city requirements. We also offer fire alarm inspection as an optional service, which can ensure your alarm will operate at top performance for years to come.

We take each of our fire system applications seriously, whether your business is a small retail space, a high rise building or a million square foot industrial property. We also understand the unique fire regulations associated with schools, universities and financial institutions, so these entities can trust Sentry Security Systems to install and maintain their fire protection systems with expertise.
The majority fire departments require your fire system to be monitored.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Without a doubt, your fire alarm system needs to be monitored – for several reasons. To start, most insurance companies offer discounts to businesses that own a monitored fire alarm. Also, there is no way to guarantee anyone will call 911 for you if a fire breaks out while the business is unoccupied. Only a fire alarm monitoring service can reliably pledge to send help on your behalf.

Other value-added services offered by Sentry Security Systems include fire sprinkler, water flow, tamper, air pressure and temperature monitoring. We have installed effective fire systems in numerous businesses throughout the Kansas City region.

Sentry Security Systems offers 24/7 uninterrupted fire alarm monitoring from our UL Certified central station, which is located in the heart of Kansas City. That means that if your fire alarm signal is activated, a dispatcher who is familiar with the area will immediately summon the appropriate fire department.

We will be glad to discuss all the fire protection options available to you during a free fire security analysis of your small business, industrial or institutional site. To request this analysis, contact Sentry Security Systems today.