CCTV Video Surveillance

Today, video surveillance is absolutely necessary for commercial and industrial properties. More and more residents are utilizing the technology as well. Often, the very presence of cameras can deter criminals from acting. When they do act, video surveillance can assist law enforcement with identifying offenders so they can be prosecuted. If you operate a large enterprise, you may need several cameras present, integrated to work together as a network.

Closed circuit television (CCTV), the technology that powers video surveillance, is changing rapidly in the face of new advancements; fortunately, Sentry Security Systems has kept up with these advancements to offer our customers the most cutting edge surveillance technology available. We began installing camera systems in 1981, and we have been committed to staying on the cusp of industry developments every step of the way.

Whether your property requires one camera or hundreds of cameras, Sentry can design, engineer and install a system that keeps your entire operation under watch – for the security of your inventory, your employees and your investments. We offer the most reputable brands in the security camera industry, including Bosch and Honeywell – and, we can offer you everything from:

  • Analog cameras and IP cameras
  • NVR/DVR technology for easy playback of recorded video
  • Video analytics, which provide important information
  • Infrared cameras, to see images clearly in the dark
  • Pan tilt zoom cameras, to capture images at different angles
  • Fixed cameras with varifocal lenses, for increased flexibility in field of view area
  • View video live from your smartphone or any computer worldwide

No matter which of these features interest you, your camera systems can be designed, engineered and installed to meet your security criteria by one trusted source – Sentry Security. Our background in the electronic security field enables us to proficiently integrate camera systems in nearly any scenario, from the largest industrial property to the smallest commercial site. We have helped owners like you protect their businesses from internal and external theft, vandalism and violence for over 30 years – and we would be honored to help protect your business as well.

To learn more regarding our video surveillance systems, contact Sentry Security today. We will be glad to answer your questions during a free security analysis of your property.