Access Control

With the pervasive electronic security risks today’s businesses face, it’s important to go the extra mile when it comes to reducing your vulnerability. One way to do this is by restricting access to your building and critically controlled doors within the facility. How is this done? With access control.

An access control system gives you the assurance that only authorized occupants are in your building. They may be your employees, routine customers or trusted vendors; what matters is that they are all approved to be there.

The systems allow you to issue a digital credential to approved building occupants. When approved users present their credentials, they are then allowed access into the building. Those who do not carry one are unable to enter, because the door stays locked. As an administrator, you can approve and delete users as necessary when individuals are hired or fired. You can do the same when you begin or terminate relationships with customers and vendors.

Access control is cost effective, because there’s no need to change locks and keys when security concerns arise. Additionally, you can easily restrict access to areas like:

  • IT departments
  • Executive offices
  • Tool rooms
  • Inventory rooms
  • Restricted access areas

Sentry Security Systems is proud to be an authorized dealer of Honeywell ProWatch access control systems, because there are only a handful of electronic security companies that have been recognized with this honor. These systems can restrict access to one door or thousands of doors, and everything in between.

Depending on your specific business dynamics, the credentials we recommend may include photo imaging, employee cards with photo and a company logo, or even biometric access control. Biometric access control encompasses such high-tech functions as retinal scanning, fingerprint scanning and hand geometry.

Why does Sentry Security Systems offer this wide range of options? Because we have provided access control for everyone; from the small businesses, to the banks and universities, to Fortune 500 companies – and we can do the same for you. To request more information, contact Sentry Security Systems today. We will be glad to demonstrate our access control systems to you.